The Ultimate Guide to moving to Bucharest – a relocation toolkit


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This is the definitive one-stop-shop guide for ex-pats, re-pats and Romanians moving to Bucharest. Everything you might wish to know from where to live, how much to pay, how to make friends, where to exercise, eat, walk, dance etc. I hope you find it useful. Suggestions and edits always welcome by writing to me at

  1. VIDEO: How safe or dangerous is Bucharest? – click here
  2. Cost of living in Bucharest – click here
  3. Most popular or desirable areas of Bucharest to live – click here
  4. Cost of rentals by areas and Bucharest area guides – click here
  5. Find local activities/ make friends in Bucharest – click here
  6. Best bars, clubs and nightlife in Bucharest – click here
  7. Overcoming loneliness – click here
  8. VIDEO: How to find a home/ office/ shop to rent/ buy in Bucharest – click here
  9. VIDEO: 6 reasons to move at least once after arrival – click here
  10. Home food delivery in Bucharest – click here
  11. Navigating using public transport in Bucharest – click here
  12. Most preferred banks in Romania – click here
  13. Air pollution live map here, tap water cleanliness here,
  14. Romania in pictures – click here and here
  15. Romania’s history timeline – click here
  16. Light entertainment reading – Fictional stories with Romanian settings – click here
  17. Work-Life balance, designing your life, retiring to Romania – click here
  18. Furniture etc shipping & storage to/from Romania – click here
  19. Romanian culture and traditions – click here and here
  20. Best nightlife in Bucharest – click here
  21. Romanian language guide/ learn Romanian – click here
  22. Getting fit in Bucharest – click here
  23. A guide to house sharing in Romania – click here
  24. Renting versus buying – wise or foolish? – click here
  25. Which are the earthquake risk/ no-risk areas of Bucharest – click here
  26. What to do if there is an earthquake – click here and here

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