Cost of living in Bucharest compared to other EU capitals


The cost of living in Romania – especially in Bucharest – is approximately 50% lower when compared to other important western cities from EU. The best way to make the comparison is on the site,, which is regularly updated by users around the world and is probably as up to date for information as any single site. Below is our link to that page.

The daily cost of living, ie food, travel, accommodation, medical costs and so on, can be found HERE 

In the example below, we compare the cost of living in Bucharest to Paris.


  1. I don t think this is correct – if you can not rent a good cheap apartment for a very low earned wage person, then the city is too expensive like other expensive cities.

    • There are apartments available for every range. The lowest studio I’ve seen at the time of writing is 220 euros, and apartments from 250 euros. But rental prices are linked to the cost of bank mortgage rates. Currently, borrowing is around 5%, and so rents are 6% to allow for taxes, admin, repairs etc.

      A typical apt in working-class areas is say, 1100-1500 euros per square meter. A 1-bed apartment is, therefore, said 50sqm, meaning 60-80,000e, making the rent, 300-400e per year. There are also apartments for 4 times this value, eg 4000 euros per sqm, meaning 1k per month and up, for a one-bedroom flat. But in capitals like Prague, you can find 10,000e/sqm.