Six very good reasons to move house!


Why I think you should move at least one time after you moved to Romania. Personally, I have moved 5 times since coming to Romania & I can’t recommend it enough. Only by doing so have I truly become settled, & got much more out of living here.

1/ Conquer your fear of change: Many of us moved to our first home more by luck than judgement. We settled on a place after becoming tired of a search or of not finding the optimum place. We opt for a place because if our primal need for security & stability & to get settled quickly.

But times change. Properties in Romania are changing for the better at an exponential rate, with the presence of quality furniture, renovation & gardening supplies that simply did not exist 10 years landlords are moving with the times to compete for your business. If you aren’t happy with your current abode, vote with your feet. Don’t be araid of security. A decent real estate agent will hold your hand through the process of moving & it will be over before you know it. You owe it to yourself to at least compare what is out there now for your budget with your current home. Some of us are more risk averse than others but looking around is not taking any risks. It should be fun & at worst, you get piece of mind that you are already in a great home. Worst case, you spend up to 2 weeks rent to come try change your surroundings for the better.

2/ Add variety to your routine: the need for variety is absolutely crucial for our growth & development. Without it, boredom sets into relationships, jobs, life in general. Moving home can boost your social life, health, happiness, career effectiveness, spiritual well-being, finances, you name it. You can give the brief to your real estate broker that you want a aspect of your life to be better & they will find you something that meets that criteria. Upsizing, downsizing, closer to freinds, work, place of worship. Only by moving at least once can you truly say you are taking steps to optimise the variety in your life in Romania.

3/ Add Purpose to your life: improving your sense of purpose & social or professional significance – moving home to a more suitable location allows you to put yourself to the fore & get the most out of your time in Romania. Moving to the sticks for example might be idilloc for a few years at the start of a new relationship but can be social suicide a few years later. Recognise the change in your circumstances & do something about it.
4/ Be more involved with loved ones: be more connected to the people that matter to you. You miss out on so much if you are in the wrong location to those who matter, or are in a location than brings anxiety to reach there each day. Move to a quieter location to be more intimate, or move closer to a social scene, or hobby/sport zone or to important loved ones or a park so you can take the kids out more often, or reduce your commute time to better your mood for your family’s sake.

5/ Grow your life: growth comes by change, so do not let your life stagnate, both at home and at work. Push yourself, set some goals, targets. make change.  Without growth you can risk regrets or unhappiness which spreads to other areas of your life & those around you. You should stop growing only at the point that you stop breathing. Until then, strive to grow whenever you can.  You wont get that pay rise by not being brave, or take on that new dance hobby by repeating what you didnt do last week.

6/ Increase your value to your community: allow yourself to be located in a place where you feel centred, welcome, happy, purposeful. Don’t put up with bad or miserable neighbours, a run down area or next to a highway or runway. Move to a place where you fit it, & you feel at ease. Move to a place where your many abilities are put to use or you can make a difference. Do not let a stressful or miserable location suck out all your life energy. Get up, make a difference.

That’s it. Lecture over!

A good real estate company can help you address these things. Granted, there are some who don’t much care but there are some who really do & are good at finding a match. We have 2 such teams that are good at this for example (Bucharest & Brasov). Our brokers are very committed to their career, enjoy helping clients find a good match & work very hard at their jobs, sometimes till the late hours on a regular basis. There are several good agencies at your disposal in every city. You can find our brokers at