List of electric scooter rental services in Bucharest


Here it is a list of electric scooter rental services in Bucharest where you can pay with your bank card from the application (companies in Bucharest, in 2021). Rumours has it that Bird is going to place electric scooters in Bucharest soon.

Access zoneCostEarn $$$ to
BoltEEMostly the central area
and in the North.#
0 lei unlock.
0.6 lei / min. Warning: can be very expensive!!!
Wolf-eRoSector 1, downtown,
Pipera and Nord
2 lei unlock.
0.5 lei / min.
FlowRoSector1, downtown, North 
and Lujerului
2 lei unlock.
0.6 lei / min.
LimeUSAAnywhere, but one can park
only downtown.
3 lei unlock.
0.6 lei / min. Excellent value!!!
MELCRoJust in the North,: Baneasa –
Aviatorilor towards the Centre
2.5 lei unlock.
0.5 lei / min.
SplashRoThe whole Central ring + the Northern
office area (Pipera + Voluntari) 
3 lei unlock.
0.5 lei / min.

Bolt (

It is the newest in Bucharest and comes with a wide range of scooters. At the start the were well priced, but now they have become quite expensive. a 5km trip around Herastrau park costs 36 lei. The application offers a Beginner mode through which the speed is limited to 15 km/ h. Then when you are more in control of it you can disable the limitation in the settings.

Wolf-e (

Their scooters are picked up from the city in the evening to be loaded overnight. If you leave the area marked on the map, the scooter will stop running. But compared to the rest of the services, Wolf-e has the highest availability, reaching Băneasa, Pipera – Voluntari, Pajura. You do not have to use an anti-theft system.

Flow (

They have the smallest fleet and the lowest price. After parking, you need to tie the scooter with a (integrated) cable or you can leave it at one of the stations in Bucharest, in which case you will receive a bonus credit.

Lime (

My personal favorite. The parking area is marked in the central and north area: from Expozitiei to Unirii, and from Mihai Bravu to the Basarab/ Opera Passage. They have the largest fleet. If you want to charge electric scooters without electricity, you can become a “Juicer”. It will be an individual price/ scooter and will start from 5 RON if you load it and then place it in a space allowed for parking.


A Romanian service that has little coverage including a little from the Băneasa area, Aviatiei, Dorobanti, and going to the centre, to the Parliament Palace and  Carol Park. The fleet is also quite small. You must load a minimum credit of 15 lei before taking off with one of the scooters.

Splash (

Their scooters have slightly larger wheels, front suspension, and the construction of the scooter is also more robust. They have a fleet of about 100 pieces. In addition, the service covers an area large enough to serve most of the city: the central ring of the city, extanding to the office park in Voluntari, Pipera.

Tips if you rent electric scooters

A protective helmet is advised – falling at 25 km/ h on the asphalt can be painful;

Read the Terms and Conditions before creating your account. There are things about your obligations you might want to know about;

Articles appeared in the press in which it is mentioned that scooters don’t belong on the pavements etc but currently it is perfectly legal to do so. The Apps should keep you informed if this changes, Lime already declares that they are perfectly legal, and the scooter is recommended to be used on the street and on bike lanes.

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