How To Make Great Office Spaces


Perhaps now more than at any time in recent history, it has become more important to create office or workspaces that appeal to the modern office employee, improve staff retention, and stimulate their best work. Below is a brief guide on some ways to achieve this.

1/ The Best People

Your staff are what make up your team. A successful company doesn’t exist without a great staff. Effective talent retention and attraction strategies will help you to hold onto your best staff and recruit new ones as your company grows and develops.

2/ Communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects of business, and indeed life itself. Nurturing excellent communication is within reach of every team. Ensure that your workspace is designed to help your people communicate and collaborate effectively. Design your workspace to promote informal meetings and chance encounters.

3/ Team Spirit

A Positive team spirit will be born out of good people combining forces to work towards a greater goal. Without team spirit, good people are almost wasted. There’s a saying; ‘If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go together’. If you have a good team spirit in your organisation, the possibilities are endless.

4/ Smart Workspace Planning

A productive workspace will have been cleverly designed to help your staff do their best work. Promote creativity, collaboration and focussed working with clever office design.

5/ WorkSpaces Suited To Tasks

Within any well-designed office space will be spaces that facilitate the range of activities that are performed by your team. This could include private zones for high-concentration tasks, or informal meeting spaces for team catch-ups or meetings.

6/ A Range of Personalities

A great office would never be complete without a range of diverse personalities. Variety is the spice of life and this is certainly true when referring to people. A mix of characters brings a mix of skills to the table, enabling your business to grow in ways that you never would have thought possible.

7/ Good Coffee

It goes without saying that an office can’t be great without good coffee. Whilst it’s health benefits are negotiable, in the UK we drink around 55 million cups every day.

8/ Up To Date Technology

The technology in your workspace needs to be up-to-date and facilitating the best work from your people. We’re not talking about the latest and greatest on the tech scene, but an IT provision that offers your staff everything they need to get their job done.

9/ Easy To Access Office

Your office should be easy to access. This includes everything from intuitive the entrance, to the interior facilities, from lifts to sufficient parking or suitable transport links.

10/ Flora/ Scents

Office plants are becoming a growing phenomenon, proven to increase productivity and wellbeing. Add these to your office space to decrease stress and improve wellbeing.

Like the colour of the space you work in, our sense of smell can powerfully affect our mood, mindset and thus our productivity. Consider adding scents to your workspace to jar your mind into focus when you start to notice yourself drifting off.

Try using these scents to stay focused:

  • Pine – Increases alertness
  • Cinnamon – Improves focus
  • Lavender – helps to relax you during a stressful workday
  • Peppermint – Lifts your mood
  • Citrus (any) – Wakes you up  and lifts your spirits

11/ Noise Control

Good office acoustics are important in any space. Ensure that excess noise is deadened by installing carpets, textured panels, desk screens or partitioning. Help your people to concentrate and produce their best work. Take care to manage excess volume during phone calls.

12/ Sufficient Lighting

Office lighting is crucial to the productivity of your people. Correct lighting helps to combat fatigue and enhances wellbeing, concentration and focus.

13/ Flexible Working

Today’s teams are looking for more than flexible working, both in terms of location and time spent in the office, for many good reasons, not only the recent pandemic. Allowing employees a flexible approach to their work-life balance helps them to work more effectively and gain better results for your organisation.

14/ Comfortable and Ergonomic Furniture

The furniture in your office space is more important than you might think. The welfare of your employees is impacted by furniture. Choose office furniture that will keep your people comfortable and healthy. Choosing good quality furniture will ensure the durability of your office space. Avoid high-fashion low-quality offerings and focus instead on well-engineered furniture


15/ Healthy Options

Today’s drive towards a healthier happier team is supported by a heap of evidence. Many larger organisations are already seeing the benefits of offering their team perks like a free gym membership, dining/ snack facilities and sit-stand desking. Embracing more active ways of working like walking meetings and team building is also a great way to promote healthier employees.