Ex-pat moving to Bucharest in 2021?


First-time visitors and ex-pats to the Romanian capital city, Bucharest, should be aware that there are a number of areas in the city that could meet or exceed their expectations although due to traffic, their realistic range of options might be significantly reduced to a handful of possible options.  If you’re looking at renting options, below are a few ideas to get you started with the house-hunting process.

There are of course different classes of ex-pats. Career ex-pats tend to be able to rely on an HR department to help with the process, whereas digital nomads, for example, tend to do their own searching, either directly or via agencies such as ourselves.

It is a pretty straight forward process.  A typical ex-pat is looking for a home which complies with certain basic needs, for example, a safe area, close to their work, transport links, shops, culture, activities, and perhaps furnished already to say, Airbnb quality standards.

For ex-pat families with a good budgetr, eg over 1000 euros, the upmarket areas like Băneasa, Dorobanţi, Floreasca, Primăverii, Cotroceni, Domenii,Herastrau, and even Corbeanca are popular.

For single people or those ona  lower budget,eg, 400 euros up to 1000 euros,  popular areas include Piaţa Unirii, Piaţa Victoriei, Piaţa Romană, Piaţa Universităţii, Titan, Dristor, Vitan, Baba Novac, Moşilor, Ştefan Cel Mare, Decebal, Piata Alba Iulia, Timpuri Noi, Titulescu, Ion Mihailache, Regina Elizebeta, Izvor, Cigmigiu and Eroilor are highly popular currently because they are areas well connected to the metro stations, maybe also to their offices, favourite restaurants, fast foods, banks, fitness places, parks, bars, clubs  and activity centres.

What do ex-pats singles seek more in a rental home?  Firstly, their preferences differ from ex-pat families who seek privacy, seclusion, proximity to schools and perhaps shopping malls. An ex-pat single will might choose a smart downtown apartment in rather than a premium villa in Pipera, which is primarily a family area close to multiple international schools.  Time in traffic is extremely is key of course.  offer complies with your criteria, especially if pricing is similar?

Setting priorities will be essential to shortlist your options. Do you want to focus on budget, quality, proximity to activity or schools? downtown buzz or tranquil leafy area?  A good real estate agent can help you with this.

Once you find the ideal rental, you need to settle in. I always advise ex-pats to move at least once, to ensure you really see the best of your time here. The difference between 2 locations can be beyond your imagination.  Settling in will be a very simple process. There are around 30,000 active Facebook users on the 10 or so Facebook groups for ex-pats and to any posted question, you will have a dozen answers within an hour.

If you would like to discuss moving to Bucharest, you can reach myself or my tea by phone or WhatsApp. I am also an ex-pat, and I built the team and our policies around the ex-pat, aiming to provide good value rentals, honest advice, and professional support every step of the way. If you read the 200+ testimonials on google maps for our various offices, you will see this is born out in customer experiences.

You may find this guide very helpful when moving to Bucharest. It contains all sorts of advice from rental prices to gyms, socialising tips, best areas to live etc.  https://blog.whitemountain.ro/2019/12/new-to-bucharest-toolkit-eveerything-you-need-to-know-to-get-settled/

Damian Galvin

Director, White Mountain Property

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