Examples of our maintenance and renovation work, 2020


Are you looking for a reliable painter/ renovator in Bucharest? The maintenance team at White Mountain Property have been renovating, upgrading, modifying and improving homes, offices, shops and even small industrial units in Bucharest, Brasov & distant locations since 2006, to very high standards at excellent value.

Below are just a few examples from well over 200 renovations we have completed. In the main, the full-time team comprises only a few people, but we expand the team with carefully managed workers to cope with larger projects. The largest was 16, for a large office conversion under tight time pressure, but in general, the teamwork as one, or 2 renovators since our focus is on quality rather than volume.

Painting and decorating

This is our most popular request, to get a property ready for sale or rental, or to improve the comfort. Recently we dramatically changed a dull, dark, north-facing Baneasa apartment with a designer interior. By changing the temperature of the interior LED lights, and changing the wall colours, the apartment feels dramatically brighter and more homely. Before starting any painting, our in house team meticulously protect every area first, packing things away, moving furniture etc before starting work. After they have finished, there is usually no cleaning up to do.

Kitchen makeovers

This is in fact how the WM maintenance team started in 2006 and we have performed more than 100 kitchen installations in either Bucharest or Brasov since then. From IKEA to custom made, we have seen many request-variations and the improvement is always a pleasant surprise. Whether it is just a work-top replacement, new extractor, or tap change, or a complete overhaul, we have the experience and contacts to do this cost-effectively.

Bathroom modifications

We perform a great many bathroom upgrades, from simple maintenance issues to changing sanitary ware, tiles, floors, pipes, heating, false ceilings and even room configuration. The return on investment for bathrooms, and kitchens, of course, is usually far greater than any other room in the home. For offices, we have converted single washrooms into Ladies/ Gent’s washrooms.

Gardening and Landscaping. Since 2016, we have provided a full-time gardener to a prominent western Embassy of Bucharest, taking care of the green areas of the Embassy, Ambassador Residence and 3 senior Diplomatic homes. Main duties.

  • Design, develop, maintain and grow the mature gardens to ensure they meet stringent requirements and expectations including State and Royal garden parties and many diplomatic envoy visits, etc.
  • Perform basic maintenance such as grass care, garden clearance, weed control and leaf raking.
  • Plant and nurture new trees, flowers, and various plants.
  • Work with and maintain hand tools, light machinery such as plant vehicles, and small diggers.
  • Maintain a clean garden and grounds.
  • Provide guidance to management on investment matters related to the garden.
  • Advise management on the costs of plants and garden necessities with detailed written quotations and reports.
  • Ensure a safe environment for Embassy staff, diplomatic families and visiting VIP’s / clients by adhering to safety and health regulations.

Retail Store Fitting and Maintenance:

Since 2012, our maintenance team have carried out retail store repairs, renovations, modifications and changes for brands numerous global leading brands that you find in Baneasa Mall, Afi, Coressi, Iulius Mall and many others throughout Romania. We have carried out this work throughout Romania, (Oradea, Timisoara, Cluj, Constanta, Brasov, Iasi and Bucharest), as well as Bulgaria, Hungry, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Italy and Holland. Tasks range from

  • Conduct site inspections, surveys and measurements to allow the customer to design custom merchandise/ retail shelving, lighting and graphic displays.
  • Installation of the same, and supporting Electrical supplies, lighting, both within the shelving and overhead in the store working within strict public safety requirements
  • Painting and decorating, carpet cleaning, display repairs, general maintenance in retail areas.
  • Working unsupervised (for example, overnight, with access to high-value stock.
  • Ensure a safe environment for store staff, and clients including young children and adhering to safety and health regulations.

Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning

Our approved external contractor team in Bucharest has experience including the following: Domestic air conditioning installations such as small and large houses (mostly in the Pipera area) and apartments across central and north Bucharest, and of Commercial air conditioning including hotels, factories, Office HVAC systems around the city. Also, cleaning and servicing air conditioners is a common request.

Domestic and office heating systems in the form of gas central heating using radiators and underfloor heating are tasks we perform fairly regularly, as well as inspections and servicing.


Alarm systems and CCTV

Our approved electrician covering central and north Bucharest has a wide experience of installing all manner of simple and complex alarm systems, smoke detectors, intruder deterrents and CCTV, from dummy cameras to the state of the art cloud-based smart systems that can be accessed from your mobile phone or computer.  Whether you live in a ground floor apartment in central Bucharest or a large villa in COrbeanca or Pipera, our team have the right solution to fit your budget.

For more information, just drop us a line, via Damian.galvin@whitemountain.ro, or whatsapp/ call +40 727 606074