No more real estate fees for disabled clients! yayyy!!


Although it has been our unofficial policy for some time, we have decided that from January 1, 2020, we will formalise the policy of NOT charging physically disabled tenants or buyers (when formally registered as such) for our real estate renting and buying commission. In other words, if you are registered disabled, we will not charge you for the service we provide, in finding you a home, office or commercial space.

We are a pro-tenant agency, meaning, we meet the request of the owner in obtaining a fair price and a good quality tenant, or buyer, but we fight very hard to get those tenants the best conditions and value for money.

So, just because we are not charging the tenant or buyer, does not mean we will not be doing our very best for that client. On the contrary. We take great pride in our testimonials, totalling over 200 on google maps at the time of writing. Our principal goal has always been to obtain five-star feedback first, and incomes second, rather than incomes first and hoping for the best, when it comes to client satisfaction.