Music for your garden/ terrace anyone?


Do you fancy jazzing up your garden, terrace or patio? We have teamed up with a local craftsman who produces musical plant pots of almost any size & shape, but with hidden speakers within.  Choice of styles, speaker power & you can decide if you want bluetooth or conventional cable versions that connect to indoor hifi systems.


The sound quality is nothing short of amazing. They can remain outside all year round, are fully waterproof and you can add as much water as your plants need without affecting the sealed off area containing the electrics.  Once installed, it is almost impossible to detect where the sound is coming from. A truly wonderful enhancement to any outdoor or even indoor space.  You can even use them inside the house with real or imitation plants.

If you need help installing an outside 220v socket (if you chose the bluetooth version) or need help running speaker cables from your indoor to outdoor space for the conventional type, our maintenance team can install one for a minimal fee. Because these are custom made, you can chose from your style of plastic plant or flower pot, including colour, size & height.  Minimum diameter is around 30cm but there is no upper limit if the tubs are available.

Prices start from 100 euros for a cabled speaker if you want to connect to a conventional hifi through to 200 euros for a pair of bluetooth large pots which you can connect your ohone or tablet to.

Email for details or to place your order.

We also have bluetooth ceiling speakers for bathrooms, lounges & bedrooms if you want to upgrade your living space. A truly amazing feature with nearly imvisible speakers for dancing in the shower for example, or relaxing in a long bath.