Why we need art in our lives more than ever

Imagine a not so distant future, the globe is roamed by two major camps – of people and robots. The robots are increasingly taking all the menial jobs while the people are adapting by strengthening that which we have over the machines, our brains, and creative skills. Unburdened by the mundane labor, humanity lives in the world of intellectual pursuits, beauty, and art, while the robots obediently spend their off-duty time in tightly packed boxes. What can humanity achieve in such a world? How can a human make sure he stays on top of the game in this scenario?

Today, this world is closer than it seems.

The development of Artifical Intelligence and the implementation of robots in our everyday life is progressing at an unprecedented speed, urging us to rethink our role in this emerging new world.    

Many professions are said to disappear over the next decades, while the skills which will be most valued in the higher paying jobs of the future will be interpersonal skills, creativity and complex problem-solving. And they all come from training our brain.

Art is one thing that does it. It is now not an addendum, not a frivolity. It is vital. Studies and MRI scans show complex activity in the brain when listening to complex music or studying a piece of visual art. It literally trains our neural pathways. 

We look with our eyes but see with our brain and feel with our being. Art is another way to discover the world and describe the world. Art is not a desert, it is not a secondary, non-mandatory thing. The question is who we want to be? Whom do we see ourselves as?

The artist has just been officially granted the status of the most important human role (and subsequently, art – most important human product) when earlier this September, the Japanese billionaire fashion entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa, whom Elon Musk announced as the first customer around the moon aboard a SpaceX rocket, said that on this week-long journey in space, which will cost 10 billion dollars, he will take 8 artists. He is curious about what they will feel on this journey and believes that the art they will create upon return will inspire humanity and bring peace.

Arguably we need art in our lives today more than ever. And our children need art around them even more. We now enter a time when a developed sensibility to oneself, others and life becomes crucial in all fields. Art teaches us that.

We don’t really know what makes a painting worth as much as it does. We gaze at it in ignorance and wonder, as the unknown shines through it at us. It opens our eyes into the transcendent, and we need that in our lives. It is in this transcendence that our human genius resides. And this is what we need going into the future.

Buying art is scary for a novice and price can be expensive. Today we have services like art rental, where you can rent as many pieces you want, for any time, from a few days to long-term, and then either get another piece, or keep the same one, or buy it, whatever you feel will work best for you.

Going to the gallery several times a year is important but it’s not enough anymore. When you share a space with good art, it seeps into your life, you start a conversation with it,  you invite beauty into your life. You have to be daring to do it.

Many people are terrified of beauty, of color and of art. They prefer beige walls and mass-produced things. It may be petrifying to lay your soul bare by displaying your aesthetic choice right there on your wall for the world to see. That’s part of the process of learning about art. We can assist you on this journey of finding the piece that speaks to you.   Art is not an option. Man does not live by bread alone. We live by beauty, by literature, by art. And literally, not metaphorically. Life is too tragic in the absence of the sublime.

Art rental company, ‘Vintage Art Rental‘ represents many contemporary artists. Works from our collection are currently in residential homes and businesses like Mobius Bank, Endava and Phillip Morris. Together with White Mountain, we can make your home and office a consciously curated space which will assist your efforts of personal and professional development. We invite you to join us on this journey into the future.

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