New to Bucharest & looking for a social network?


It can be a daunting place on first impressions, but you will be pleased to know, Romania is a very safe country in the main, & significantly safer than almost any other European country. In addition, Romanians & ex-pats are a friendly bunch indeed, fun-loving, adventurous, active & social. But you have to make the first move to uncover all this & begin your Romanian adventure.

A few of my top places to start are below, so start building your network of companions online, & then take the brave step of actually getting out to meet people.

What to do in Bucharest, 6000 members, A market place for English speakers in Bucharest! Only posts in English or containing an English translation are accepted and we reserve the right to delete any post considered irrelevant This guide provides you with good offers, interesting activities or new experiences in Bucharest. Posts are waiting for you here when you need them.

Exapts in Romania, 4700 members. Description: We meet once every month (sometimes twice/mo) in various locations in Bucharest – a great occasion to network, socialize, meet people . Welcome everybody! And everybody is welcome! The group’s purpose is for members to meet, share info, discuss weekend activities and make friends., a brilliant site active all across the globe where you can find groups & clubs on ust about any subject or interest or form your own group.

Bucharest Meetup, 7000 members.  This group is for all English-speaking expats, repats and locals from Bucharest, be they American, Brits, French, Spanish, Austrians, Germans, Dutch(ies), Aussies, Kiwis, Romanians or anything else! It’s a great way to meet new people, expats from all corners of this world and share experiences, collaborate on business initiatives, consult with one and other, or build up a social group in a foreign country. However, it is mainly about socializing, and having a good time. Join us at our regular events and find out for yourself.

Bucharest Expat Party – is the core concept underlying various parties with different themes. The purpose of these parties is mainly socialization, connecting diverse cultures, customs, mentalities, for the mixed cosmopolitan communities in Bucharest.

Foreigners in Bucharest, 10000 members. Studying , working or living in Bucharest? Share your experiences, your ideas and most important help each other! Networking events and great parties!.

British in Romania – This community page is intended for British people who have moved to Romania or intend to visit, and would like to connect with others, for advice, information or are just curious about the place!

Britons in Romania, 300 members.  A group only for Brits (and their significant others) living in Romania. Sharing events, information and ideas that may help us all.

Internations, The leading network & guide for ex-pats in 420 cities worldwide. Connect with fellow expatriates at top events and receive tips & advice on ex-pat life.

There are a great many groups beyond these, but this is a good place to start to build up your network & social activities.