Press Release: White Mountain Property reaches its 11th Birthday.


white-mountain-property-2014-logo.jpgWhite Mountain Property – Renowned and Reliable Real Estate Agency for Property Management, Sales, Rentals and Renovation – Bucharest, Aug 11th 2018.

“The management of Romanian property has never been so easy before White Mountain Property started its operation in 2007 in Brasov and now it has opened another new office in Bucharest to celebrate its 7th Inauguration Day in August. White Mountain Property is apparently the only real estate company in Romania that manage property from as far as Brasov, Bran, Bucharest, Sibiu to Constanta and offer real estate rental, sales, renovation work and now even landscape gardening of personal and commercial properties.”

Normally it is considered to be a headache for a nonresident to complete a transaction for either rental or sale of a property in Romania, mainly for those who are not so well-versed with the local dialect. But 7 years back White Mountain Property opened its first office in old Town Square of Brasov and extended its class leading service to several other cities of Romania, like Bucharest and Constanta. This British managed real estate agency has got English speaking property management experts, capable of dealing easily with those foreign clients who want to buy or take a residential or commercial property on a rental basis in any Romanian city or town.

Initially, they operated mainly from their main office in Brasov for last 7 years and the satellite offices in Constanta and Bran; but now with the inauguration of their second prime office in Bucharest their operational area is further expanded to other nearby countries like Slovania, Croatia and Bulgaria (for maintenance work). Hence their clients include lots of expatriates, foreign students and diplomats from other countries staying here for professional reasons; apart from the local Romanian population also..

White Mountain Property has also got teams with expertise in providing renovation and maintenance of residential or commercial property in Romania. Their existing customers seem to be highly pleased with their quality service set within affordable price range. Large multinational companies like Apple and Lego continue to hire the service of this agency for the maintenance of their commercial properties in & outside of Romania. This maintenance service ranges from the replacement of a broken tap to the repair of damaged roof, in residential and or industrial buildings. The embassies of several countries have hired their service as well for the interior decoration and furnishing of the properties used by their staff working in this country. This real estate agency also holds the reputation of rendering service in the beautification of kitchens and bathrooms of various private households, along with their exterior and interior painting. Recently they have started their service in providing landscape gardening as well with a British trained gardener.

Therefore, anyone requiring any type of property management service anywhere in Romania should contact White Mountain Property through the contact details provided in their website, where they will find details about the types of services provided by this Romanian agency. The clearer idea about their services is also available in a 3-minute video link on the website’s home page, or here