Bucharest Nightlife – Posh Disco Clubs:


My definition of a good club? a place with great music, space to dance, happy atmosphere, no drunks, no aggression, pretty girls & smart looking guys acting like gentlemen & no thugs, yobs or sense of tension. A place where you can take your date/ friends & enjoy the night without getting ripped off, into trouble or made to feel uncomfortable in any way.  If that is politically incorrect, sue me.

Below are my top recommended clubs in the capital of Romania, Bucharest, at the time of writing. Each are similar high quality, have similar drinks prices and are open at approximately the same times. The only thing to separate them in my view, is a change of scenery.

Some foreign visitors are put off from going to disco clubs (aka nightclubs) because in their own countries, a certain culture exists around them. For me, i stopped ‘clubbing’ in my early 30’s in the UK because of the tacky culture that surrounded even the best clubs I was able to find. Cities like Reading, Coventry, Birmingham, Oxford, Northampton, Southampton, Newcastle & York are just some of the many places I used to strut my stuff.

Even in London, to find a ‘good’ disco club (my taste would include Cargo, Egg, Ministry of Sound, Electric Brixton, Heaven, Fabric, Studio 338, Queen of Hoxton, XoYo) you have to be very lucky. Most are either silly priced or have a queue of 100+ people at the door, or both. On entry, the atmosphere can be trashed by the rich set, city yuppies, and visiting playboys from say, the middle east, paying insane prices for cheap wine/ bubbly with no emphasis on dancing. It feels more like a drunken party in a hotel bar with decent music, rather than an excellent party. In short, the emphasis is on spending money on drink, with minimal emphasis on dancing or dance floor space.

I found similar in Germany, Spain & France. In the States, it was a little less downmarket & more tailored to couples rather than same sex groups, but the alcohol fueled testosterone that came with the infamous inability of Americans’ to drink as much alcohol as Brits (I lived there so I speak from personal experience) leads to a lot of boisterous behavior after closing that sometimes spills into random fights that can be hard to avoid.  Personally, I would no sooner go to some of my old haunts than I would walk naked onto a warzone’s battlefield. One such random example of what can happen in clubs where the empahsis in on profit rather than clientele is show here.

Clubs in Romania share almost nothing in common with their counterpart clubs in the locations above. The emphasis is on dressing up, looking good, having a great time & consuming a little alcohol & behaving civilized.

Whichever you chose, you will enjoy your evening. All are safe, respectable and violence-free, unlike some clubs I used to know in the UK for example, where alcohol seems to fuel after-club disturbances from time to time. In general, no such risk exists in mainstream Bucharest clubs, except in the Old Town where stag parties, large or male-only-groups of tourists and so on are concerned where the risk is a little higher. Sadly, this is changing too insomuch as the oldtown is becoming like the tacky parts of Cyprus, Corfu, Ibiza etc wit the emphasis on getting foreign yobs drunk as fast as possble in nasty quality clubs. But thankfully, this seems to keep the flies off the wedding cake, so to speak. Long may it continue.

Face, www.faceclubbucharest.com, 3-5 Piata Presei Libere, Bucharest,

Nuba Summervibes, www.nuba.ro/summer, Șoseaua Nordului 22, București

Nuba Winter, www.nuba.ro/winter, Strada Grigore Gafencu 27, București

Bamboo, www.bambooclub.ro, 50 Tuzla St., Bucharest

Other top nightlife can be found at E3, LOFT, Expirat, MooD, Fratelli and a few others I will add soon.


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