Top things to do around Snagov lake when you need to escape the Capital, Bucharest


Snagov lake, located just 25 mins drive north of Otopeni, on the DN1 highway to Brasov, is indeed a hidden treasure. Stretching around 12km in length, it is lined with lots of well hidden, not so obvious activities.  Whether you stay on land, or take a trip on the water, you will find plenty of things to do for a truly relaxing day in a peaceful setting. The average depth of Lake Snagov is 5 meters and its shore length is 32 kilometers. It has a surface of 5.75 km². Lake Snagov is also a natural protected area by the Aria Naturala Protejata Lacul Snagov (ANPLS) and has about 150 hectares in size and protect about 20 species.

Here are a few categories of things you might like to try out around the lake


Walking, Cycling & Hiking

Snagov forest is probably the closest area for outdoor activities outside Bucharest. The thick forest routes, the lake shore and the cultural sights are opportunities to visit the area for one day

SnagovTur seems to offer a variety of activities including walking, canoeing, yacht tours, museum tours.  The website is a little dated but has an egnlish page with contact numbers for more info.

Carpatbike – Snagov area is a natural reservation, with two natural protected areas – for fauna and flora, Snagov lake and Snagov forest. Snagov forest is a remnant of the great Vlasia forest. Many trails criss-cross this forest and you can easily enjoy a bike ride. One can spot various birds, deer, rabbits, wild hogs.  Along this trip you will visit Snagov Monastery – the burial place of Vlad III Dracula, dubbed The Impaler; Caldarusani Monastery, but also the former hunting areas where Ceausescu – the Romanian dictator used to hunt. If desired, you can book some kayaks for those looking for some more adventure in the Snagov lake.

Romanianfriend – 20 km away from busy Bucharest life lies Snagov Lake, surrounded by a thick forest. Besides spotting various birds, rabbits or even deers, biking in the clean green air will give you a sense of freedom! And when we emerge from the forest on the splendid lake shores, you will want to sit back and admire the view. Then we continue our healthy bike route to a secluded 15th century landmark.

Eating & Chill Out

  1. Mood Club – my favourite place on the lake. Great music, pool, lake views, chilled out clients. A great place to take your laptop for the day. Nice shade too, to hide from the hot sun.
  2. Dolce Vita – a nice but simple Romanian restaurant on the lake with great views & also has hotel rooms available for overnight guests.
  3. Hanul Vlasiei – Slow service on busy days! Historic building with a lot of character on the Snagov lake. Also suited for weddings and corporate parties.  You can still have a decent meal or experience a kayak, paddle boat or learn using the flaying board.
  4. Astoria Complex -the restaurant has 2 lounges with terraces overlooking Lake Snagov, The Complex is the ideal place where you can relax by the outdoor pool, play tennis, football, ping-pong & even have a barbecue. There is a playground for children, hire boats to see Lake Snagov.
  5. Snagov Club – a fun paradise and your relaxation oasis at the same time. A pool bar with palm trees and good music, a SPA Center, 3 different restaurant salons, a lake pavilion, a pier, a generous garden and luxury rooms – all at the highest quality and comfort standards, placed in the Snagov Lake Natural Reserve.

Boating & boat rides

  • Circuitul din Artha Parc, care dureaza 2 ore si se opreste 30 de minute la manastirea Snagov. Pentru aceasta excursie tariful este de 70 lei/persoana.
  • Circuitul care pleaca de la Debarcaderul Central Snagov (pontonul public, statia 3A). Acest circuit dureaza 1 ora si are un tarif 35 de lei.
  • Din Manastirea Snagov se pot face tururi de insula de 12 minute, cu doar 5 lei de persoana.

Watersports – to be continued

Nature & WIldlife- Snagov & surrounding forest is a place isolated from the agitation of the city, cooled by the shade of a generous vegetation, and lost in the silence of a quiet village, the place is preferred by both those who want to spend a relaxed day, and those who have a weekend where they want recreation. You can also choose to ride a bicycle through the mysterious Snagov region or a Snagov lake circuit with a boat.

Lake Snagov is partly bordered by the Snagov Forest and represents the most important recreational lake around the capital, being the most picturesque of the tourist attractions in the area. The shape of the lake is elongated and sinuous, with many bays, and in the downstream is the island on which is found the Snagov Monastery, which shelters the tomb of the prince Vlad Dracula Tepes.

On the shores of Lake Snagov, besides reed and rush, there is also Indian lily (lotus), white and yellow water lilies. The fish fauna, which attracts many amateur fishermen, is distinguished by the existence of several species of fish: plaice, carp, perch, sleep, pike, redhead and guvizi. Here are fished specimens that represent true records: 28kg plate, 150kg sleep, 32kg carp, 16kg pike. Likewise, water gloss is perfect for practicing canoeing or other water sports.

The Snagov Forest is one of the old Codrii Vlasiei, which once covered the much of the Romanian Plain. Arranged in the shape of a park, with cobbled alleys that sneak under the shady trees, this forest stretches over 1470 hectares.

An area of ​​10 hectares in the forest has been called a natural reserve, geo-botanica and forestry. Snagov forest is made up of trees of several generations and we find many examples of oak, ash, lime that reach the height of 30 meters. Among the massive trees grow bushes of hazelnut. In spring, blooms, blossoms, margaritaria and lily of the forest are blooming. The area is home to deer, deer, wild cats, pheasants, pigeons, & wild pigeons, turtles.  Due to the amplitude (forest, nearby lake), the temperature difference between Bucharest and Snagov is about 2-3 degrees Celsius cooler.

How to reach Snagov from Bucharest

  • Bus – Buses in Bucharest run from Casa Presei area to Snagov
  • Taxi – uber taxi is recommended & will cost from around 20 euros one way
  • Car – there are many routes to Snagov & are easy to find on google maps