Little known insider tip for investors!


There is nothing more off putting for a buyer/ renter when going to view a potential house to buy or rent, than by being irritated half to death by a broken roads, derilict buildings or a missing pavement on the way. You need to arrive optimistic, hopeful etc to properly assess the suitabiluty (which is why promptness is important for the seller & agent).

Whether it is a country house at the end of a broken rocky road, or an old town potential coffee shop on a dirty, broken back street, the principles remain the same

But, should the issues be resolved in later years, then suddenly, what was an unimaginably irritating feature of the property vanishes & the value may rocket.

Look for areas with below-market rental or sales values compared to neighbouring areas.

Look also for forthcoming infrastructure (bus, tram, metro routes, airport upgrades, parks, new roads etc, taking care not to apply too much optimism or to depend on for example volatile  ariables such as one political party’s ongoing success, eg Brasov airport is highly political & depending on who is in power, so the optimism changes.

So, the key is – do your homework on future plans.  Try to find out which areas are earmarked for investment in the coming months & years. You could snap up a bargain if you get in early enough before  the masses know.

Useful research sources include city architects, town & city councils,  reliable press & internet articles, & major developers or investment fund websites.  Always look for multiple credible stories for any given data.