Ready to sell your Romanian property? is your paperwork ready, legal & correct? – by guest writer Ionel Vacarescu


You’ve decided to sell your property. Congrats!

I am attorney at law Ionel Vacarescu and in this article I want to make you aware of all the necessary documents you need to gather before starting to promote your property for sale.

I am sure you don’t want to lose serious buyers who are ready to buy your property just because you don’t have all the deeds of the property.

I haven’t met any serious and interested buyers who are willing to wait for months until you, as a seller, get things in order.

Me, as a real estate lawyer, I often come across request from the sellers who needed to solve some of the following issues:

– one of the spouses is deceased and the inheritance wasn’t legally divided to the heirs,

– the owner isn’t registered with the Fiscal Authorities,

– the property is rented and the Lessee won’t leave the apartment,

– there are mortgages written in the land registry which were paid off in full but not erased from the land registry,

– names and/or number written in the wrong way in the land registry,

– the Owners’ Association refuses to issue the certificate necessary for sale (this can happen if there are debts for maintenance, the owner is not registered or other unsettled issues between the owner and the Owners’ Association).

Even if it’s hard to believe, the list can go on and on.

From my experience, the sellers turns to me only after the buyer’s public notary signaled these problems which are in the way of signing the sale-purchase agreement.

Imagine that you finally found the buyer who is ok with the price, you established the date for signing the sale purchase agreement with the public notary and for any of the reasons listed above, the public notary can’t sign the sale-purchase agreement.

To solve this problems will definitely take you at least one month and most of the buyers can be lost because they aren’t willing to wait.

If you want to prevent having to deal with such a situation (lose your buyer) and to make sure all the papers are in order for you to sell the property, you can drop me a line at

Ionel Vacarescu – attorney at law



  1. my x parter wants to sell apartment in Romania because I give her money to buy she wants to sell to pay me back but find it hard to sell she had some buyers but no offers I need money back I can’t afford to lose this money if you want I can send you her number and you can speck to her now