I want to buy a Romanian Property – best is to own as private person or SRL? – by guest writer Ionel Vacarescu


I am Ionel Vacarescu, attorney at law, and this is one of the most common questions asked by foreigners: “How is it best to own? As a company or as a natural person?”

In connection to this main question, many secondary ones rise:

How much is the tax per property?

How much is the tax for incomes from rent?

Do I need to become VAT payer?

What legal provisions do I need to comply with in order to buy?

As you already might have anticipated, the answer is that each case different from the other.

First, you need to set your investment goal and have clear:

– how many properties do you wish to buy?

– what’s your budget for buying?

– what’s your budget for renovation?

– how many properties do you estimate you will buy yearly?

– will you rent out your properties?

– what is the monthly income you estimate to receive from rents?

– will you sell your properties for profit (capital gain)?

– what is the capital gain you estimate?

If you want to take a decision based on numbers, and make profit immediately as well as on the long run, you can share your answers to the questions above with me.

I will help you make the calculations in order to reach your goals and take the best decision.

You can drop me a line at ionel@vacarescu.ro.

Ionel Vacarescu – attorney at law