A little love at Christmas


A big thanks to all of the contributors this year. We wanted to raise 750e to organize presents for a local, but forgotten mental mental hospital near Brasov. The campaign was so successful, we reached 5x the target, allowing us to carry out many more acts of charity including a visit in 2 days time to another mental hospital, this time outside Bucharest.

These places are the last stop for the care train in Romania. Things have improved a lot over the 7 years I’ve been visiting but still, you see too many missing teeth, excess weight, lack of exercise & a distinct lack of smiles, partly as a result of the insufficient number of staff to care for the 150+ patients & partly because of the culture of caring for mentally handicapped people.

Today though, was a day of joy. The team at White Mountain, with the help of many freinds & clients, collected enough money for a decent array of snacks, fruit, drinks & buiscuits for everyone. Packed into goodie bags, we went this morning to distribute them to the joyous patients.

As every year, they put on a performance for us, with guitars we bought them last year, singing & dancing, as you can see in the videos.

A big thank you to all who helped. For those who want to help further, or simply visit (which is what they need more than anything, to experience some kindness)