Dealing with nightmare neighbours – how should you deal with them?


Do you have experience of noisy neighbours? can’t sleep due to late night footsteps from the flat above yours? working on their car at 9am on a Sunday? vacuuming late at night? dogs barking all day & night? parking in your spot? We welcome your experiences on how to deal with these issues below.

In essence, there are 3 approaches to resolve this:

Direct friendly approach: introduce yourself calmly, explain who you are, why their behaviours is affecting you & gently suggest ways in which they could compromise without reducing their freedoms or comfort. This is by far the most effective method in most cases as deep down, few people want to be a bad neighbour. Most people are capable of some level of empathy & respect, once they understand the reasons behind your request.

Indirect unfriendly approach: report your problem neighbour to the administration manager, landlord, property manager, police or other person responsible for common property matters.  Be aware, this approach can backfire because after you have resolved the issue, the relationship is likely to be strained and hard to repair.  If you are going to bring a cake, do that before you involve the police, not after.

Revenge, direct or indirect: this is the most satisfying, but least beneficial. Remember the expression, ‘when you go for revenge, bring two shovels’.  Once you go to war with your neighbour, it could be a permanent status, so be sure this is really what you want. Almost certainly, it is not.  Typical methods include:

  • Playing loud music & going out for the day,
  • Using a drill or hammer at unfriendly hours
  • parking your car awkwardly
  • Late at night, using your washer/dryer/vacuum, flushing your toilet, slamming doors, loud TV or music
  • Using your lawn mover, leaf blower,, chain saw
  • You could have a few pizza pies delivered to their address. When your neighbor refuses to pay because he didn’t order them, tell the delivery driver that you’ll buy them at a reduced price instead of them going to waste
  • Place rubber snakes around their garden beds. Have the video camera ready for when they leap. Post the video on YouTube.
  • Paint your house a bright yellow. When confronted, go into a rant how about much you love sunshine and you want to be surrounded by the rays of the sun!
  • Roast a pig in a backyard pit. Be sure the wind is blowing in the direction of your neighbors open windows
  • Place a trail of sugar to your neighbors front porch! The ants will appreciate it, your neighbors won’t.
  • If you live in an apartment and the tenants above you have heavy feet, use your broom handle to bang on the ceiling. While they are sleeping.
  • Be adults. Call a truce. Shake hands. Proceed to #1 and start again.


Let us know what methods you have tried, what worked, what didn’t.  Please comment below in the box provided.



  1. I have a problem with my neighbors. almost every damn weekend they wake me up with a shirty music (today it was old mcdonald) in the morning (let’s say around 9 am). Saturday is the only day when I can sleep longer, but the music is so loud that I not only hear everything in my WHOLE apartment but also my walls are shaking. What can I do? If I finally call the police will they arrive? I don’t know what is the low here, but in Poland allowed noise at night is only 10 decibels lower than during the day and for violating that low you can get a ticket.
    And second thing: why people in Romania do not respect their neighbours? It’s the second apartment I rent and everywhere is the same. People leave trash on the stairs/corridor, listen to music super loud not caring about people who maybe work at night or have small children, smoke cigarettes inside the block in the shared area, etc. Once a man wanted to enter an elevator with me while smoking a cigarette!

  2. Born in Bucharest and living in Bucharest for 33 years. I will give you a few hints:

    1. In 4-story blocks people know each other better and they tend to form a community and respect each other more than in 10-story blocks. Generally speaking, 4-story blocks are more quiet than 10-story blocks.

    2. Police will come and silence your neighbors, that is if you know how to spell your address in Romanian when you call 112. I doubt they understand English over the phone, especially English with an accent.

    3. The president of the block will take action if confronted over this kind of situation. However, they can only talk to the noisy inhabitants if they happen to find them. Could take forever.

    4. You can try to talk to the noisy inhabitants yourself, but I doubt they will take you seriously. Most likely they will consider you communist, they will keep the noise down for a week or so and they will forget about it and start again after that.

    5. Lodging a complaint with the local police section is not an option because you will need a translator and it’s complicated.

    Basically you don’t have any options in this situation. Unless a Romanian friend would be willing to call 112 for you when you tell them and make the conversation in Romanian.

  3. Had this when we lived in Aviatze ,guy next door was (according to our landlord) fitting new pipes,went on for months sounded like he was building an aircraft carrier there,all night,turns out he had a metal working business as a side line,(which our landlord knew about because the guy was his mate) also landlord had a share in the business,we moved out and forgot to pay last two months rent,much yelling from ex landlord to no avail ,now have a house up here in Mosna,Sibiu Judetal,our nieghbour has a car repair business his customers always parking right in front of our gate,this is Romania ,everyone knows this is a no no,so we decided its deliberate (pulling the rich Brits chain) ,so had a friend with a tractor drag a Merc away a dump it on other side of road,no problem since.

  4. We have neighbors who are often very inconsiderate and loud….we speak to them, the problem ceases for a while, then starts again…..

    My question….I am an American attorney and am also admitted as a Rechtsanwalt (attorney at law) in Germany. In both the United States and Germany, when you are prevented by others from enjoying your property or other right, and the problem is not solved by a bit of negotiation, then in addition to seeking damages, you can apply to a court for injunctive relief (in Germany einstweilige Verfuegung). I am told by Romanian attorneys that this sort of relief is practically unknown in Romania; as for noise, I have been told that you can only go to the police after 10pm (2200), because then it is a criminal offense. The implication, for my legal mind, is that I can play my stereo in my apartment at earth shattering volume, disturbing all around me, and no one can do anything about it until 10pm. THAT CANNOT BE CORRECT AND WOULD PLACE ROMANIA COMPLETELY OUTSIDE OF THE SCOPE OF THE PROTECTIONS OFFERED BY MOST EUROPEAN NATIONS

  5. I live in an apartment in Dublin. Our downstairs neighbour is so loud. He’s the loudest person I’ve ever met. We tried to talk to him but he barely speaks English although he lives in Ireland.
    They cook some really smelly garlic food too.
    And his younger brother smoked inside their apartment and I was affected by the smell but the management company told me to give them evidence. How can I prove it when I can’t film or take photos of the smell? I have no reason to make it up.