First registration or import tax (vehicle emissions tax) in Romania


The tax, which is now called an environmental stamp tax is lower in recent years than it has been just a few years ago, for both old cars and new ones provided they have low CO2 emissions.  But if you have a car in the middle, the tax hit is quite hard. Another factor that is taken into account is the actual CO2 emission, which can lead to a higher tax for the same model and the same age of car. Oddly, older cars with similar emissions to more recent models may attract a lower level of tax, although to be fair, ANAF seem to change the rules of the game at least every few years, if not more often. Usually, immediaty after a beneficial change in import tax, or first registration tax, half of the polulation seem to rush out and import cars from countries such as Germany before the tax regine is changed again. It is not uncommon to wait 3 months for a slot at the government’s local inspection stations.  This year, due to a major reduction in import taxes, it was nearly impossible to find a space on any vehicle transporter bound for Romania, such was the glut of imports in line with the tax breaks.In order to help people to anticipate what their tax is likely to be, the ANAF published an online calculator, which is featured on their website and requires inputting the main vehicle parameters in. The online tax calculator then requires you to input the engine capacity, fuel type, age of the car, the European emission class of the vehicle, as well as the type of vehicle prior to being able to estimate the amount of first registration taxes you are due to pay.