#RealEstateCommunityChallenge explained

I’d like to propose a simple & worthy challenge, (lets call it the #RealEstateCommunityChallenge) to my colleagues in the Real Estate industry both here in Romania & why not, outside România, to carry out a selfless act of charity in their respective communities.

To keep it simple, I propose the following rules:

  1. It should benefit a person or persons not connected with those involved and should involve more than one member of the Real Estate Company.
  2. It should require 500 euro or more of investment.
  3. It should take no more than a year to execute.
  4. You can nominate one or two competitors, collaborators etc after you have reached the half-way point in your investment OR act of charity.
  5. You should publish the act on social media to inspire others to do the same.
  6. Once published, tag your nominees & use the hashtag #RealEstateCommunityChallenge so they find other projects of the same nature to further encourage them to respond.

Ideas might include any of the following

  • Renovating, assisting, contributing to, visiting etc a care home, hospital, orphanage, poor family or comunity.
  • Providing medical attention, education, sponsorship to a person(s).
  • Providing housing or accomodation to a needy person.

3 benefits will come from this

  • A worthy cause will be helped from a difficult position
  • You will be helping to improove the reputation of the Real Estate Industry
  • You will be able to show your public the kind of persons that your company are made of.