Sex Sells


White Mountain Property CharitySex sells, but when talking about Mentally Handicapped patients, all interest is often lost.

If I used the real title, how much attention would this article receive? and I need your attention for 1 minutes please….

Some time ago, I promised my mother something.  She is currently 86 and an ex mental hospital night nurse of 2 decades career length. She is also full time carer to my mentally handicapped brother.  My promise was that I would dedicate some time to the least loved people in Romania. Mental patients banged up in run down institutions.  My mother, Sadie Galvin has tendered for my brother since 1959 and I have seen first hand how love and care has allowed him to live happily to his current age of 53, when all of his fellow victims of his illness (caused by a ‘miracle’ morning sickness drug, developed by the Nazi doctors in Auschwitz for other purposes) never made it past the age 30, if they got past 5, simply because they were institutionalized.

White Mountain Property CharityOf the various activities since then, the most rewarding is finally unfolding.  A long planned renovation event took place yesterday where 50 hours of labour from 10 Brasov

volunteers transformed one former disaster of a dormitory in a forgotten mental hospital in Brasov County. This is the first of many future trips and this is why I need your support please.

Many thanks for the kind donations of Brian Howson from Dexion Romania, Matthais Ketzenberger, Preh Automotive Romania, and Hornbach Brasov Romania for the loan of ladders, and donation of materials to the fund). More donations needed!

Conditions are not great there, no toilet seats or paper exists anywhere for 145 patients. Clothing, if you can call it that,  is terrible, and mattresses are worn out.  Relatives of these victims have all but forgotten and abandoned them, leaving them in a semi-conscious world

of boredom and isolation. Life without love is not life. Knowing someone cares or thinks about you is often the fine line between happiness and despair. We all have that capacity to share love, not to mention a moral obligation, whether it be directly showing attention or facilitating someone else doing that, i.e funding.

It’s fair to say almost all of the volunteers were nervous yesterday of the day ahead but by the end, were not only very at ease there but in some cases, actually comfortable working around these broken people. The transformation of that room we painted is immense. 7 in

habitants in that room plus a peripheral group who might otherwise lose any hope of signs of love from the outside world now feel they are remembered and have a tiny glimmer of hope. Golden.

What I’d like to do, with your help, is

  • paint the other 15 rooms (250 euros of materials per room),
  • get at least a handful of washing machines (190 euros each),
  • a movie projection set up (400 euros)
  • some cd players(30 euros each)
  • get the toilets/ showers in order (1000 euros)
  • any donations at all will help, however small

Also, increase visitor numbers from the current near zero there so the staff know people care and their job is greatly appreciated.

Any part you want to play in this, i welcome, whether it is a 2 euro donation, a washing machine, or you want to bring a group of friends out and paint for the day. I will fully support you with experts, tools, transport, instruction, supervision, guidance, trip planning, in fact anything you need at all to do this.