Seismic Risk Map – Bucharest



It should be noted that sometimes in Romania the stronger earthquakes that occur in Serbia, Bulgaria and even Turkey can be felt. Bucharest is the first capital in Europe that has a seismic map, after years of research, produced by the Institute of Earth Physics  to create a local seismic hazard map.

In Bucharest besides hundreds of buildings with “red spot”, built before World War II, blocks built around 1960 also have received this classification, with a seismic risk level Tier II or I.

An earthquake of magnitude 7 degrees or higher on the Richter scale in Bucharest, brings a high risk that red spotted buildings might collapse. Under the guidelines of technical expertise, buildings with seismic risk of Red Spot Tier II need to be strengthened (to the infrastructure works and to a lesser extent, to the foundation). Buildings with seismic risk class III require only partial reinforcement to the infrastructure.

Is my building on the high risk list?

List of buildings with siezmic risk (use ctrl+F to search for your street name):

Video of the 1977 earthquake aftermath