Constitution Day is an annual observance in Romania on December 8 and commemorates when the country’s current constitution came into effect in 1991.

What Do People Do?

Some schools and educational organizations have special activities for students to learn more about Romania’s current constitution on Constitution Day. Some of the country’s political leaders may also make public speeches with reference to the 1991 constitution on this day.

Public Life

Constitution Day is an observance and not a public holiday in Romania.


The Constitution of Romania of 1991 was adopted on November 21 and ratified by voters on December 8 that year. It enshrines the country’s democratic values and establishes Romania as a national and independent state. It also reflects its return to democracy following the downfall of communism in Romania. The current constitution replaced the Constitution of 1948, which was revised in 1952 and in 1965. The 1991 constitution was later revised in 2003 to introduce statements related to integration into the European Union.