Bathroom design ideas


bathroom-design-2Having a beautiful bathroom is on of the top 4 things to do to improve a property value, its comfort, enjoy-ability & desirability. It is one of the few luxuries many people wish to have in their home so don’t hold back & live with a sub-standard bathroom.


bathroom-design-6You start & end your day here. Make it special. If you don’t deserve a nice bathroom, what are you working for?  If it is for a property that you rent out, then this could be the difference between renting it & not, between a good rental income & bad & between happy, stable tenants & not (along with the kitchen).

bathroom-design-1Here you will find a series of interesting pictures to inspire your design ideas for your own bathroom. Think of this as a source book.  You can build on this by visiting the bigger home improvement stores in Romania such as Dedeman, Bricostore, Baumax, Hornbach, Praktiker.  If you need help designing or installing your bathroom in Brasov, Bucharest or Constanta, give us a call.