For those unfamiliar, we are in need of your charity to turn the fortunes around of a local Brasov mental hospital, containing 150 forgotten patients. The name of the group is Angels of Mai.  Conditions are beyond description and include no hot showers, insufficient bed clothes, urine soaked mattresses  minimal food, funding is negligible & visitor count is, well, one hand contains enough fingers for the year.

How you can help: there are 24 rooms. Each containing 6-8 patients, ranging from simply being old, to being retarded, to severe physical or mental illness. None are dangerous & all are in their own way, lovely people.

We visit every December & take our own Santa Klaus with us, plus presents for each of the patients. From a pair of gloves, hat, socks, slippers, to fruit, sweets & a drink.  Arouond 6e per person brings a pretty decent Christmas. If any of us got 6e for Christmas, we’d fell pretty much unloved, but all things are relative & for these people, 6e is a very long way up from zero.

If you want to come along with us, we plan to go to the Vulcan (near Coldea) hospital on December 17th, before lunch. All are welcome.  You can come empty handed & distribute hugs, or bring fruit, sweets, coffee, books, cartoons, whatever you think. Just your presence will make a difference.

Major donors so far include the following names. But there are many who have donated smaller amounts which will make a lot of difference.

  • Scott Benton – 450e-
  • John Weigold – 200e
  • Total so far = 940e

If you want to get involved, please get in touch. Let’s work together to make a difference.  Its not in the least bit hard work, but it is extremely rewarding & of course, badly needed.

Drop me a line at

Thank you

Damian Galvin

Editors note: final balance reached 1350 euros. Presents for all delivered, 50 inch TV & a new guitar for a musically talented patient.