ANAF cleans up on tax evasion

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Nimeni nu scapa ! ANAF i-a luat la ochi pe romanii din strainatate. Vrea sa le puna POPRIRE pe conturi

According to the “Voice of Transylvania” ANAF is one step from tidying up the bank accounts of Romanian citizens working legally in the country or abroad. The exchange of confidential data between ANAF and banks around the world could be dictated by the Fiscal Procedure Code, whereby the deputy of Cluj’s Aurelia Cristea proposal will be adopted.

Deputy Aurelia Cristea, a member of the Committee on Budget, Finance and Banking, said that the amendments proposed by the project according to Articles 61-62 of the Code of Fiscal Procedure, would lead to a collaboration with over 52 banks worldwide, to prevent tax evasion and also to facilitate recovery under the umbrella of the law, flows of people who have evaded payment of taxes stipulated by the existing legal framework in Romania.

ANAF policies are gradually reaching into every aspect of Romanian life in an attempt to clean up the losses of taxes. In the future it is predictable that 100% of all financial transactions, be they buying a hot dog from a street seller or giving a cash wedding gift, will pass through the ANAF filter in some way.