The Romanians are coming….thank god!


FB_IMG_1424725060056Like many educated people with experience of Romania, I cringed when I saw the carefully selected rubbish that the UK’s Channel4 produced about the Romanians in the UK.

But what do I know? Well….

In the past month alone I have in equal measure spent time in my native London & Surrey, been in cancer hospitals, all sorts of social interactions in the UK, been in Bucharest’s mayhem working till 10pm daily, in the Carpathian mountains, in Brasov’s quite bars and clubs and even in Sicily for Valentine’s break And spent an evening with a senior member of the Irish embassy.  Quite a life style for just 4 weeks.  But this is normal for me. I keep myself busy. I do things, see things.

I have lived among Romanians for 7 years straight, I employ 11 of them and interact with a great many more.  Sure, they have their vices.  Passion for earning money is one. But so does every nation have its unique characteristics That others criticize.

But I do know this. The Romanians I know are a God fearing, respectable, gentle people who care about family, personal presentation, manners and dignity, gifted with a quick mind and slow temper. They can learn a lot from the UK, such as being charitable, or keeping their word in a deal. But the UK can learn much more from the Romanians as many of the qualities I mention above are a lost art in the UK. Think I am wrong? Could your mother walk home at 11pm in the UK? In Romania , generally speaking, there is no hour at which this would be unsafe in any town centre or city centre in Romania, excluding unlit country roads etc for risk of a bad driver or wild bear!  The concept of street rape, mugging or street beatings are as alien as free diamond samples in supermarkets.

So, to the hard working, striving Romanians who have been working hard and contributing to British society for over a decade, I apologize for this tabloid-like misrepresentation by Channel4 tv. Those who know you, know this is not the real picture of the Romanian people.FB_IMG_1424725060056 FB_IMG_1424725057897 FB_IMG_1424725055941 FB_IMG_1424725053866 FB_IMG_1424725051726 FB_IMG_1424725049550 FB_IMG_1424725047430 FB_IMG_1424725045001 FB_IMG_1424725042798 FB_IMG_1424725040249 FB_IMG_1424725037206 FB_IMG_1424725035030 FB_IMG_1424725032924 FB_IMG_1424725030480 FB_IMG_1424725027971 FB_IMG_1424725022031 FB_IMG_1424725019572 FB_IMG_1424725017247 FB_IMG_1424725014664 FB_IMG_1424725011761 FB_IMG_1424725008527 FB_IMG_1424725005823 FB_IMG_1424725003496 FB_IMG_1424725001105 FB_IMG_1424724998460 FB_IMG_1424724995768 FB_IMG_1424724992174