Mysterious places to visit in Romania – part 1

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Gugu Peak 

Gugu Peak is located in the Godeanu Mountains, close to Retezat Mountain national park, (altitude of 2291 meters, 25 km from Poiana Mărului).   Tourists come every year to visit the area, which is one of the strangest in Romania.   It is said that at certain times of day, the parts of mountain disappear and in addition, unusual phenomena happens.

Legends say that this on mountain once resided Zamolxe and therefore, the mountain was a holy place.  Here it also believed that Decebal hid part of his treasure, believing that the spirit of the High Priest will hold back the plague of time. Inhabitants of the mountain are called Gugulani and are known for their longevity of life.  They put everything to the fact that the area is full of energy. Many tourists say they have also seen the mountain tip disappearing and even explosions of light shooting out of the mountain.

In the late 90s, a group of researchers visited the area where they witnessed the disappearance of the peak of the mountain as well as a burst of light from the rock. The scientists then complained of not being able to sleep.

In another attempt to investigate the area, a group of researchers has went to investigate the cause of the disappearance of an airplane, but were faced with sensations of choking, feeling that they are watching and explosions of light on top of the mountain.  In addition no one could explain why it they held no images on their camera film when they tried to develop the footage.

Gugu Peak is mentioned  by Victor Kernbach in his book on Astral myths, which says that this area is the center of the key energy of the planet.  Also on Gugu Peak, Jules Verne wrote in his novel The Castle of the Carpathians, placing novel action in this area without ever having been there. It is said that Jules Verne would have been inspired to write by a celestial force.

Cernica Pool

Near Bucharest, at a place called Cernica, there is a pool that is said to be cursed, acknowledged and feared by travellers and locals.  Although at first glance it seems a common body of water, with a diameter of five meters, it is said that this patch of water surrounded and guarded by forces from other worlds and has witnessed extremely strange events.  Locals believe the water pool contains power that has been passed from generation to generation of witches and is associated with many curses and spells.  Strange phenomena, such as sudden storms around the water are reported by witnesses. Animals refuse to approach and the water level, 1m deep, apparently never changes irrespective of the weather, cold or hot, sun or rain. It never dries out, nor overflows.



  1. As a retired newspaper columnist I find this article very intriguing. I have often thought about retiring in another country and have even researched Romania, Thailand, and a number of other countries. Being something of a cultural explorer is like having an illness that simply will not go away. I think I would like to live in Romania for at least a year to write, teach, and offer whatever I can in return for being a guest…it is, after all, the courteous thing to do.

    I would be very interested in connecting with you to learn more. Are you on Twitter or Linkedin? Anyway, you have done an excellent job with your site and it appears you are enjoying a fulfilling life at your chosen location. For that I congratulate you; too many fail to achieve such what you have done.

    Have an excellent day and thank you for the insight.

    Jim Brantley