Mental Hospital – Appeal for help…


White Mountain Property CharityThe mental hospital in question, & there are many in dire need, is in the Commune Mai 1st, near Codlea, Brasov County and my mission is to fix this one first & then think about others. Within it lies almost 150 patients & a handful of low paid staff in a building I would not want to sleep in for a night. Most things don’t work, there is insufficient food & there are few facilities.

The visitor book in Sept for the entire year of 2012 had 3 names in it. How sad is that? Locked up for 40-50 years if you make it that long & not a single person to ever come see you, give you a hug or kiss or even a wave. No TV, radio, books, entertainment. Only broken walls, missing paint, loose windows, urine soaked mattresses as old as the building. 11 toilets & 11 showers. 1 is working. 10 are not. The shower produces cold water only except on Thursday morning, but 150 people cannot shower in one morning.

Mission: Very simple. In the words of Christ, ‘I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you again…’  The  mission, with your help to end or reduce this desolation, loneliness, isolation, neglect. This is not Calcutta nor deepest Africa  nor is this located in Siberia. It lies a few KM from the most beautiful city in Romania, Brasov.

Ways you can help

Its hard to express the true condition of the hospital without making you feel it is beyond hope. It is far from beyond hope. The massive turn around we have seen in the quality of lives of some of the patients for just a small amount of volunteer efforts cannot be understated. Big improvements have already been made. This is an entirely solvable situation with just the smallest input from you.

However much or little time you have, or if you wish to donate funds, it will all make a difference.  The great thing about this project is, the results are dramatic & instant.

1/ Funds: some people prefer to donate funds & not time, or not expose themselves to the environment. I don’t judge them for that sentiment & I fully understand. So far, with just a small amount of funds, every Christmas, our Santa Claus brings 150 presents individually to each patient. The joy is obvious.

2/ Hands on occasional help: In just two separate half day painting sessions, 4 dorms of the 24 are now far less miserable. Still plenty more to go, but it is not a difficult thing to fix, given the materials. If you would like to help for a day, please get in touch.

christmas appeal3/ Become Patron of dorm: with your colleagues at work, through your company, as a team or group of friends  or just on your own! Here is where you can really make a difference. Take care  for the people inside by simply sending occasional post cards, or small gifts, or just pop by to show you care. There are at least 30 volunteers who would love an excuse to go back, so if you want to paint your dorm, the resource is on standby!  Just supply the paint. You might even provide activities, games etc for the patients. It’s your call.

For more information, drop Damian an email at