European Fair of Castles to premiere in Romania

Romanian Real EstateThe first European fair of castles to be held in Romania will take place next year at Corvinilor Castle in Hunedoara between May 1 and May 13, 2015, Agerpres reports. The event, hosted by the Hunedoara Town Hall, is aimed at promoting the touristic potential of the old continent’s historical monuments.
Organizers of ‘The European Fair of Castles’ have already launched the first invitations to museums, castles, palaces, and fortresses throughout Europe. At the fair, exhibitors will present their offers and advertise the major points of touristic and historic attraction for the visitors.“Corvinilor Castle, the host of this event, is one of the most important Gothic architecture monuments in Romania and one of the first fairy-tale castles in Europe, which bestows certain prestige upon this event. This prestige will be strengthened in time as more and more exhibitors and visitors join our efforts and increase the event’s popularity,” Costin Tinca, director of Corvinilor Castle Museum, stated.Seven participatns have already confirmed their participation in ‘The European Fair of Castles,’ namely the Godollo Palace and Rakoczi Castle in Hungary, La Mota Castle in Spain, the Brukenthal National Museum, Peles National Museum, Tara Fagarasului Museum – Fagarasului Fortress, and the Arges County Museum – Poenari Fortress.

The list of participants remains open, as museums, palaces, castles, and fortresses interested in this major event can address the Corvinilor Castle Museum for more information. The fair is expected to take place every spring.
Corvinilor Castle in Hunedoara is one of the most important Gothic architecture monuments in Romania and has recently been featured on the well-known touristic portal TripAdvisor as one of the first major holiday destinations in Romania, based on tourist votes.

Last year, the Castle was included among the top fairy-tale palaces in a ranking drawn up by American website