Discover Transylvania


Mystical Transylvania is brimming with history, from its Gothic castles and medieval towns to its multi-ethnic heritage. Here you can experience German and Hungarian roots, through music, culture and costumes, and these are brought vibrantly to life in the festivals that take place throughout the year. Transylvania is surrounded by mountains that are teaming with rare wildlife and impressive glaciers, and you will be stunned by the natural beauty of the area. As more visitors are drawn to Romania, many of them decide to settle in the fascinating region of Transylvania and explore its cultural heritage and many attractions whilst benefiting from the economy.


Bran Castle is situated near Brasov and is linked with Prince Vlad Tepes, who inspired the Dracula legend. Locals have a strong bond with the story and the 15th Century Prince who resided here makes a compelling focus for visitors. Brasov itself is a well-preserved town from medieval times with impressive Old Saxon buildings and ruins. Sighisoara features a citadel with spectacular views, a 14th Century tower and secret passageways that wind their way through the town, whilst Sibiu is renowned for its pastel houses and quaint, cobblestone streets to enchant visitors.

There are churches nearby, such as those of Harman and Prejmer, with Saxon towers. Also worth seeing, is Corvinesti Castle, from the 15th Century, and featuring a Knights hall and buttresses that will transport you back in time. The Saxon churches of Transylvania, such as those at Calnic, Biertan, Harman and Prejmer, are World Heritage sites today.

The Outdoors

Transylvania benefits from rolling hills and stunning flora and fauna, with over 300 species of flowers and plants and 50 species of mammals here, such as the brown bear, deer, lynx and wolves. You might spot the rare and beautiful monk eagle while out and about hiking. The Piatra Craiulai National Park features tours that explore the wild habitat around, including red deer and wild boar. The mountains border Transylvania on all sides and winter sports are popular in the great outdoors, such as skiing for beginners and experts who want to experience the Romanian winter activities and there are cable cars summiting the impressive peaks south of Brasov. Poiana Brasov is a very well equipped resort, the best in Romania, and there are ski slopes here to suit all abilities, making it the perfect winter destination. Poiana Brasov is located 12km away from Brasov in a glorious location of forestland and at the foot of the mountains. It is comparable to Chamonix because of its setting and there are 9 ski slopes here to choose from.

Why Choose Transylvania?

This region of Romania enjoys a continental temperature, with highs of 30 to 35 degrees Celsius in the summertime. The population is a little over 11 million people residing in the area, in its towns, villages and cities, surrounded by hills, mountains and rivers.

There is a wealth of good medical services in the region, with free care for those with valid medical insurance as well as private options.

ATMs are available in most towns and cities throughout Romania and credit cards are accepted in hotels, supermarkets and at petrol stations.

Films such as Cold Mountain have brought Transylvania to the attention of foreign property buyers, particularly from the UK and the US. Many people are bewitched by the idea of stepping back in time and living a quieter, more fulfilling life, free of mobile phone masts and Twenty First Century pollution. There is a great deal of potential in Transylvania for renovation and foreign buyers are becoming enthusiastic about the many bargains on offer in this beautiful region.

Homes are traditional, with Saxon architecture and stunning woodwork, while terracotta heaters dominate interiors. Country homes have their own extensive gardens, featuring orchards and panoramic views. The attraction is the combination of a wholly different culture and friendly people, whilst remaining close enough to home for it to be accessible.

Transylvania offers breathtaking natural beauty, a diverse cultural history and astonishing architecture. Its towns are quaint and inviting, whilst the mountains offer fabulous winter activities and many hiking opportunities yearlong. From the mystique of the Dracula legend to the festivals and traditional crafts on show, Transylvania really does have something for everyone. Step off the beaten track and discover this stunning region of Romania today.

Melissa Butler.