Bad property manangement experience at Greenfields or Sydney Residence, Bucharest



We have helped numerous clients in recent months at both Sydney Residence and Greenfields in Bucharest as there previous property management company has gone into free fall collapse. The range of issues has been pretty diverse but all include missing rent, missing furniture, unpaid taxes, unregistered contracts etc etc.

There is on PM company in particular, managed by a lady who is also an ex employee of the infamously dishonest sales company MRI that has caused foreign owners a great deal of grief.  I dont wish to name anyone here but if you are in this positon, rather than jumping from the frying pan into the fire, contact us, prove that you are a fellow Greenfields or Sydney owner & we can put you in touch with fellow owners in these developments that we have helped.

These are genuine testimonials from British owners of Bucharest property, as can be seen on google maps.

“I recently switched agents for my apartment in Bucharest and finding Damian at White Mountain was a blessed relief! Proactive (he called me several times during the furnishing of my flat to update me), energetic and clear minded, he has got my stagnant property situation moving – now it’s almost furnished, hoping to land a tenant soon. Highly recommended.”
“As you would expect, we are very pleased with the service you and the team provide. We’ve had 100% occupancy, which obviously helps our feelgood factor. Its good to know that if we email you or the team with a query, an answer will be received sooner or later. Thanks for your help during 2011 and we look forward to a fully occupied 2012! Mark Hill, London/ Bellevue residence”
“After wading through the endless mire of Romanian bureaucracy, hooking up with Damian was a breath or fresh air. He has a straightforward, practical approach to his work and is pragmatic about the way in which the Romanian system works and how to work with this (especially from a distance).”
“Fantastic service, these guys really know their stuff. Honest & straightforward, would recommend them very highly indeed. If you have any property dealings in Romania at all you’ll get all the advice you need from Damian and his team. Including excellent financial advice I might add!”
“Damian and team of White Mountain Property are dedicated professional realtors who offer a stress free end to end service should you wish to buy, sell, renovate or rent a property in Bucharest or Brasov, Romania. I have used their real estate services personally and they are a pleasure to work with. They clearly explain the process involved, the legal and fiscal requirements and act a in coherent transparent manner. Their attention to detail is second to none and their feedback is always prompt. You can rely on White Mountain Property with your Romanian property.”

If you are happy with your property manangers in Romania, great, stay put. But if, like many of our clients, you have had a rough ride, please ome talk to us for a property health check. It costs nothing, is confidential and you might even get to find out if you have a tenant in your property!  Ridiculous as this sounds, almost every client we have had from a certain duo have been unable to determine if they have a rented or vacant property!