A big welcome to our Erasmus students from around the world.


Welcome to our beautiful city. Brasov.

To enjoy it, you need not only a great University, but the nicest places to live.

We at White Mountain Property take great pride in looking after our very welcome Erasmus guests and are committed to doing our best to finding you a safe, warm, affordable quality place to live.

We were students once so we know how you feel, esepcially so far from home. So come have a coffee, steal our wifi signal! relax in our warm office while the team show you what we have available.

As an example though, we have

  • a flat share for one person for 120e,
  • a studio for 200, a premium studio for a couple for 225,
  • a Piata Sfatului loft apartment for 300e
  • a multiple room house for 500e.

We do not have a limitless supply, but we do have some of the best accomodation in town at the best prices. Just look at our website, www.whitemountain.ro to read genuine testimonials from previous clients, or google us.

Look forward to seeing you / Va Așteptăm

The White Mountain team