Top five rental problems and how to solve them

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Tenants who don’t pay their rent
Its a common problem in Romania that a large % off all rents are paid late or not at all and that many tenants are in arrears of more than two months, so to avoid becoming a part of this statistic it’s essential landlords obtain references from prospective tenants before they move in. But if a tenant does get into arrears and informal channels fail to work then it may be time to start the eviction process.

Tenants who leave a property in a mess when they move out
When tenants move out having left it very untidy or just trashed it there is very little a landlord can do to chase them for compensation. The only way to prevent this costly scenario is to have a comprehensive inventory drawn up and agreed before a tenant moves in – backed by a deposit held in Tenant Deposit Scheme.

Tenants who complain about noisy neighbours
Tenants have a habit of expecting landlords to solve their every problem and noisy neighbours is one of them, but what can you do? Don’t get involved – just offer some advice, which can include suggesting an informal approach (talk to their neighbours!); contacting their neighbour’s landlord (if they are tenants too); using an officially-approved local mediators to sort matters out; complaining to your local council and, as last resort, taking them to court.

Garden is not being maintained
It is fairly standard for residential rental agreements to state that the upkeep of a garden is the responsibility of the tenant and not the landlord – and yet few tenants do any gardening. Several tactics can be employed to remedy this. Firstly, provide tenants with the gardening tools they will need as it means they will be more likely to get stuck in. Secondly, consider adding the cost of a gardener or handyman to the rent; something responsible tenants are likely to think a small expense in return for a pretty garden.

An outgoing tenant hasn’t paid their utility bills
The whole point of these is that, should a tenant not pay their utility bills before moving out, then once it’s been proved money is owed the appropriate sum will be deducted from their original deposit. You can do checks on utility bills some weeks before to get an indicative reading if you suspect there will be a large bill to pay.