All Change at the base of the Mountain!

It’s with regret but well wishes that we say fairwell to Property Manager Lavinia & Office Administrator Ioana, as they out grow White Mountain to form a new company specialising in tasks such as company administration for foreigners, company set up, closure etc.

It’s an unfortunate paradox that in having such a strong, educated, honest and capable team that inevitably they develop, grow and fourish to much bigger things than Property Admin. If the job does not expand around them, as Property Management cannot, they are likely to outgrow it at some point.  Over the years we have had bright team members, who have gone on to do great things, in Romania, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, Ireland and I respect them all for that. From small acorns grow oak trees.  Ambition goes hand in hand with skill and ability in this property business.

White Mountain however remains as rooted as a mountain to meet the requirements of its customers.

We will continue work with both Lavinia and Ioana on a number of projects on a consultancy basis and they will remain in Brasov, so some of you will still have dealings with them through White Mountain as there are a number of projects that would suit this arrangement very well, for all concerned.  For example, if a client wants to parcel up a large plot of land to sell as small building plots, apply for utilities and planning permission, this is something best handled by a stand alone project team. It is cheaper than a lawyer doing it, and faster.

But we have already welcomed on board 2 new bright, enthusiastic starters into the team, Calina and Andra, to pick up the mantle and thank Lavinia for 2 years of consistenly full-on effort in managing many a complex problem, from frozen pipes to frozen companies, and to Ioana for keeping WM’s engine room in good order, assisting with sales and rental and various property issues along the way.

Both Lavinia and Ioana have worked hard, honestly, passionately, have learned a great deal, developed enormously, professionally speaking and it is in their best interest that they pursue their own potential through their very own consultancy.

Most of the 55 clients properties we now manage are all fully sorted now, with only the odd small issue for one or 2 still to be bottomed out, so we are in good shape to regroup and await the next crisis-case property to rectify.  In some ways the team is now a little stronger because we have 5, not 3 people to call on for property or project matters. In addition, with change comes new skills, new ideas, whilst retaining all our years of experience.

So please join me in wishing Lavinia and Ioana well in their exciting future venture and lets hope the change is positive for everyone concerned, even if it forces us all to work harder in adapting to something new rather than the comfortable slippers that is the daily routine we have been used to.

I expect hicups, mistakes and mis-communication along the way, but our clients can continue to be assured that White Mountain stands by our committment to meet  and manage all of your property needs, a mantra we have had from day one which remains unaltered.

Damian Galvin







  1. A great big THANK YOU to Lavinia for all the time she has spent solving our problems- I do hope we have not contributed to her departure- Simon and I wish you both all the best – it has been great knowing you were on the end of the phone.
    Good luck with the new venture

  2. Dear Damian and Lavinia,

    I am sorry to hear that Lavinia and Ilona are moving on but understand that their talents will lead them elsewhere. Both have been very helpful to me in setting up my city lights apartment – especially in setting up the tax payment online which was tricky but we did it eventually. Thanks for your work, and helpful tone at all times. I look forward to working with the new team.

    Kind regards,

    Richard G

  3. Thank you for your information pack on all the new changes that are happening with ‘White Mountain Property’.

    For me, the attitude that you bring to this new staff shuffle, which will of course brings with it, a whole lot more work to your already busy schedule, plus time and energy, is admirable!

    You put so much heart into your relationships, equally with staff, whether they are coming or going, and clients alike.
    It is refreshing and inspiring to know someone of your consistent quality and to see how you respond to each new challenge.

    As a client of ‘White Mountain Property’, who lives abroad, you look after my three properties so excellently, that you allow me total peace of mind, which is more valuable to me than the conservative fees that you charge!

    I am glad to have this opportunity to thank Lavinia and Ioana for all the work they have done for me and the excellent service, always with a smile and a helpful attitude they showed, and I wish them every success with their new venture and admire their courage. ‘Go for it girls’! Your attitude of encouragement and continuation to include them in future projects Damian, again demonstrates your spirit of generosity and positivity, so I welcome and wish your new members of staff and yourself, best wishes and everything you deserve in the future!

    David C.

    Dublin, Ireland.