But why live in Romania? It is 50 years behind the times…


People always ask me, why would you live in Romania? Its very hard to earn good salaries, or even any salary; things don’t always work; proper roads are something only for the future; corruption exists even in the health system, and on it goes…

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l93wAqnPQwk[/youtube]Well, the answer for me personally is very simple. This video captures it beautifully. In some parts of the west, certain elements of society have reached, exceeded and overshot utopia in their ‘development’..  I’m no expert but some things are plain to see.  Western society has so much apparent ‘freedom’ of cultural choice with disposable marriage, kids with zero respect, welfare systems promoting larger families which inevitably become single parent families, and where family & religious values are a thing of the distant past, never to be recovered in some sections of society. People say religion causes war and division. I disagree entirely. People cause it & blame it on religion. In Romania, the events in that video are as unlikely as tomorrow being Jan 1 1970.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXccFjKfrl0[/youtube] In this video 3 teenagers in the UK steal a bus & what has changed over time in my opinion is, the main culprit is a schoolgirl, rather than a young lad.  Laughing about how funny it is to drive a double decker at speed, around town on the wrong side of the road, these kids have no more care about this than if they had just let of a stink bomb in Tesco (which by the way, is seriously funny if memory serves well). But how times have changed?

But I live in a Romania where school kids are just that, kids. They don’t look like devil spawn with shabby clothes and cigarettes hanging out of their mounts at 14.  I don’t refer to the elite schools now, but of every kind of school, including the gutter poor ones.  I look out my Brasov window & see lines, like military order, of kids walking to school in pairs, 15 people long when walking from one faculty to another; where teenagers salute older people with a different series of greetings to their peers to demonstrate respect, where men shake friends hands on every meeting & all those accompanying them as a sign of respect to the friends colleagues; where family’s take care of each other & there are no stray teenagers sitting in parks at 11pm doing substances, where a knife is something you find only in a tool box or kitchen, where Easter means family, meditation & love. In my almost 2000 days & nights days so far spent in Romania I have seen 1 fight (which I was in incidentally, in a n nightclub), no visible effects of drug taking, no street yobs. I have seen women look and act like women, and men treat them as such, with dignity & respect. I have not seen any half dressed puking teenage girls stretched out by the kerb at 1am on a Friday. The only time the term ‘mug’ is used, it accompanies ‘Tea’ or ‘Coffee’.  I have seen men act like men, stepping in to correct bad behaviors as soon as it starts in public.

2 words come to mind when I think of Romania as a whole (of course, every society has exceptions, but I refer to the overwhelming majority). Decency. Respect. Decency to act in a way that does not offend others. Respect for other people, God, community rules. Knock it all you like. The plain & simple truth is very obvious to the naked eye.

Yes, Romania is 50 years behind the society of USA & the UK. Thank god for that! Stop the clock! OK, people cannot afford an LCD for every bedroom, nor be able to have 2 new cars in every family, but respect and decency are 2 words that no one can touch them for. Not even my parents homeland of Ireland any longer I am sad to say. Long live Romania-unchanged!

Of course, it must be recognized that the events in these videos represent a tiny proportion of society, but how depressing it is they they are allowed to exist.

Old man rant over now…