Six companies compete at tender to construct runway for Brasov-Ghimbav airport

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The tender offer for the construction of the international airport Brasov-Ghimbav will be held in two stages, with six companies having submitted offers so far, chairman of the County Council, Aristotel Cancescu, told a press conference.

‘The first stage has a deadline on April 2, then five companies will be selected to stay in the race. The final stage will take place on April 26 after which the works will start. I would like to add that through the efforts of deputy chairman, Atilla Kovacs, and by lobbying at the Ministry of the Environment, the papers regarding the damming of river Besalcin reached on the table of ANREMAP. It must be released on SEAP in a few days and I hope once the works at the airport runway start, we should also start those at the damming,’ Cancescu said.

The six offers to build the runway belong to companies in Brasov and in other counties in Romania, as well as from India.

‘I am positive there will be a lot of companies interested in this tender because basically all companies are looking for work during crisis times, although not all of them meet the conditions,’ Aristotel Cancescu said.

The quoted source said that the money to build the runway, 20 million euros, was included in the institution budget this year because, he said, ‘once the runway is being built, the Brasov-Ghimbav must be also built no matter what.’

The future runway will stretch over 2,820 metres, 45 metres wide and shoulders of 7.5 metres on each side. The airport will stretch over a surface of 200 ha, 90 of which belong to the County Council.