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white mountain property
white mountain property

Upcoming articles this year on Romania, Romanian Realestate prospects for next year, Romanian property market trends for next year & more….

In the coming months, we hope to bring you interesting & invaluable articles for investing in Romania, including…

  • Best cities to invest in property / real estate in Romania
  • Top Romanian property developments to invest in
  • Romanian investment hot spots
  • Bellevue Residence Apartments buying advice
  • Tampa Gardens Apartments buying advice
  • AvantGarden Apartments buying advice
  • Privilegio Apartments buying advice
  • Property Management tips
  • Recommended investment Properties for sale/ buying
  • Recommended Properties for rent
  • Romanian projects update
  1. Asmita Gardens
  2. Citadella
  3. InCity Apartments
  4. Newtown
  5. Planorama
  6. Quadra Place
  7. Rose Garden
  8. Sunrise Residence
  9. Swiss Cottage
  10. Vitan Platinum Towers
  11. Greenfield (Melbourne Residence, Rubin, Sydney Residence etc)
  12. Green Vista Pipera
  13. City Lights Pipera (Voluntari district)
  14. Blue Tower
  15. Bellevue Residence Brasov
  16. Tampa Gardens Brasov
  17. Avantgarden Brasov
  18. (If there are any other developements you are interested in, please get in touch


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Damian Galvin, Founder, White Mountain Property