City Residence Bucharest Furnishing


White Mountain Property take pride in the work we do. From replacing a broken lock, to pursuing a bad debt, to producing stunning, class leading interior design such as in the video below of City Residence in Bucharest.

Without wishing to speak bad of  our competitors, we feel it is important for you to know the differences. Whether it is a property in Bellevue Residence, Greenfield, Citylights, City Residence, Tampa Gardens. Avantgarden, Pallady, Dorobanti district, Lipscani, it matters not. The work we do, on a given budget, is the best of its kind.  How can we be so sure? simple. We have our own team, small margins, love bargain hunting and are not afraid to use ex-display or second hand furniture if it comes to it to it, as long as it does not detract from the finished look and quality.[youtube][/youtube]Example, buying a blemished washing machine can produce a discount enough to buy a gorgeous lounge lamp, or microwave oven, and of course the damage is invisible once installed.  That level of shopping focus produces optimum results.

You will often see work completed by us taking pride of place on our competitors ‘for rent’ pages, ahead of their own furnished property also for rent.  When commissioned to do so, we are obsessive producing beautiful homes and offices.

We don’t charge fancy fees for interior design. its free. Its our passion. If you give us a budget of 1000e for a bedroom, our efforts have built-in good taste, rather than merely buying cheap qualtiy supermarket budget bedrooms that you see in so many rental apartments. There are no real savings on that route. Only losses, to the tenant and landlord.
We don’t sub contract the work out to someone who could not care less how it turns out. We do it ourselves. Even though I am the director of the company,  I and my construction crew are not averse to crash  out in an unfurnished property if we have to, to keep your costs down.
I’d say confidently that of the 53 interior jobs we have done since 2007 (most are on or, I have treated each as my own and squeezed every last drop from the available budget.  For us, the reward is not financial, but in creating  simply excellent homes on a shoe-string.
I won’t publish names here, but if you contact us I can send you comparative examples of both ours and the main alternatives work. The difference is very clear.
Getting the most from your budget is critical, because it affects the rent-ability of your investment property for the entire duration of your ownership, and affects the final selling value. Doing it halfheartedly is like half cleaning a hotel room. Disastrous and costly to you, the owner..