Readers write their story….. Monica & family.

The following is a story by one of our clients on why she moved back to Brasov with her young family, leaving behind a good lifestyle.

Home again!

I lived my childhood and early adolescence by the Danube banks and life there seemed as plain as the endless plains of Eastern Romania. Just when I was trying to decide on which university to follow, I woke up one day feeling happier and more energized and I blamed it on having a dream about living in the mountains. In a time when I should have applied basic reasoning, involving rankings or financials, I picked Transilvania University in Brasov based solely on the unexpected happiness and well-being of an otherwise stressful summer morning.

It was love at first sight: the narrow and winding streets, the old and beautiful architecture, the red tile roofs, the green hills and mountains and the overall vacation feeling, all had my heart for good!

A decade later I met my husband and followed him to the US for some very long and sterile seven years: everything was easy and comfortable but in the hot-humid summers, cold-dry winters or all other stormy tornadic days, I was longing for Brasov. To be fair, late in fall, during indian summer, it was nice to walk the bike trails and… plan the relocation.

Two kids later it finally happened: a shipped container full of toys, books and shoes, and we’re here to an even more beautiful, livelier and more touristy town, with lots of festivals, concerts, nice restaurants, good food and witty conversations.

It took a while to find the perfect interim home, where we can fit our newly acquired american habits ;), but we did, and now we’re enjoying every minute of life here. After all, home is where the worst day is better than the best day anywhere else!